wip 8.20.11

met with the chiro. not sure what i was expecting. was a bit nervous. had to go back a week later for results/recommendations.
stopped at the grocery store right by his office. holy heck that place is frigid. like i was frozen by the time i left!

chilled at home that evening.

ben got a haircut courtesy of my girlfriend. again, i love that she comes to you and is cheap! yay friends. ;)

went to my god parent's that afternoon. my sweet boy carrying his backpack. aw...

chilling with mommy.

nick had his fantasy draft that evening. we came home early so he could attend. it was like five hours long! so crazy.

like father like son? ben found nick's nintendo ds.

we went to see ovo downtown.
holy amazingness. the show was by far our favorite cirque experience yet. yes, we liked this show more than the vegas ones. so, so good! 

crummy iphone photo...

could have been a cute selphie. i blame the wind for ruining it! ;)

ended up getting stuck in some insane chicago traffic. like hours to get home. not hour. sucked. but at least the scenery is pretty.

another sucky iphoto!

took this on my run that evening. doesn't it look like some scary face. was pretty cool!

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