a little wee man turned two and a half over the weekend.
thought i should give him his own post. not that he isn't all over the blog, but i kind of miss the monthly updates.

so at 30 months...

- is in the 7th percentile for height {34 inches} and the 30th for weight {28 pounds}
- is still such a good eater. the kid actually asks to have corn and/or peas!
- will drink milk all day long.
- loves tractors, the movie cars, the book little blue truck.
- will tell you that his name is ben pressner when asked. {there's another ben in his class and apparently they use their full names when differentiating between the two.}
- loves picking up rocks where ever we may be: daycare, a random walk, the parking lot and the grocery store!
- i think his favorite song is twinkle twinkle little star. whenever you ask him what he wants to sing, his response is 'twinkle'.
- learned the boiler up chant. and will holler go bears at the tv with his daddy. he also knows touchdown and the arm/hand signal that goes with it. {can you tell it is football season?!}
- says that 'spiders are scary'. but otherwise, he's a fan of all animals. he loves this book that we got at the fort wayne zoo.
- sleeps with his binky, blanket, monkey, puppy, and kangaroo!
- doesn't get pronouns. if he's mad at you, he'll say, 'i don't like it'. or if he shares something with you, he'll ask, 'i like it?' when he means 'you like it?'
- when he dances it's pretty much him running in a circle.
- he likes to skip and sing skip to my lou.
- wants to play baseball all the time.
 - he also loves marching. he loves using his toy drum when doing so.
- asks 'why?' after everything.
- goes to bed around 730 and wakes up at 630 {on daycare days}. otherwise, it's usually a solid 12 hours a night.
- still naps for about 2 hours a day.
- is still in his crib. hasn't tried to climb out. ever. hope i didn't just jinx us!
- not really interested in potty training. we tried. daycare tried. just not ready and that's okay!
- has a sweet demeanor.
- makes me/us laugh constantly.

and some pictures from his 'birthday'... all taken 9.24.11

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