ten on tuesday 10.4.11

- at work i was recently asked by a patient's family member, 'who is servicing my mother?' um, as far as i know, no one. we are not an oil express or a hooker. really? who uses that terminology?
- completed my first 5k. and at my goal pace of under 40 minutes {13 min/mile} despite my iphone being on shake to shuffle, so everytime i moved my song changed. and i couldn't, for the life of me,  figure out how to change it! i pretty much had my own techno beat for the entire time. way annoying! and the good news, my ankles are starting to hurt less today. only took two dang days. here's hoping the next two races are easier!
- nick finished his first 5k in 23 minutes. he's amazing.
-  we have a shed! it's really pretty. so thankful that i have a handy hubby. <3
- ben can now tell us what he's eaten at daycare. so cute to see him remember. like today... he recalled casserole. yay!
- halloween costumes for all three of us are ordered. let's hope they all fit.
- haven't started watching this season of grey's yet.
- up all night is hysterical.  i swear nick thinks he is will arnett's character. me, i would just like christina applegate's hair. ;)
- i think i have a new celebrity crush. okay, it's growing. i've had this crush for quite some time. was so disappointed when you couldn't see his face in gi joe....
- and one last work related one... no, i do not know if someone is in the bathroom. i do not stand outside and guard the door all day. would it kill you to knock and find out? seriously. last week i was asked this like 10 times in one day. maybe i suggest a little label like port a potties have so the patients will stop asking all of us!

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