ten on tuesday 10.18.11

- i had to buy new running shoes. {it's only been 2 /2 years.} not that i've ran that entire time. but i'm told shoes are like a bag of marshmallows, they get harder with time! hoping they make my runs easier.
- nick and i were so exhausted after our uber crazy friday and saturday that we were both in bed by 830 saturday evening. party animals, right?
- just found out about these litter boxes. we are now the proud owner of two. hope the cats can figure it out. i'm gonna love not having litter every where!
- everyone thinks my 'work' pumpkin is a zebra. do zebras have circles? no, it's a tree! i guess that's what i get for doing it in black and white!
- am not ready for winter. i hate this darkness. i need sunlight!
- totally rooting for viktor on project runway. {i so don't want josh to win.}
- i enjoy long car rides with my hubs. so great to just sit and chat with no interruptions. {not counting gps!}
- today nick picked ben up from school, of course they stopped and saw ben's favorite tractors, but then ben started telling nick where to drive. and he took him on this route that we never go. nick asked him why they were going that way and he said, 'to look at the pretty trees.' i love that kid.
- ben has also been on a cereal kick. he had about four bowls for breakfast one morning. he then asked for cereal for lunch and ate an additional four bowls.
- am so ready for halloween. it's my favorite!

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