ten on tuesday 10.25.11

- a coworker/girlfriend invited a new word for my shabster dictionary. hilestical. a combo of hysterical and hilarious. was so funny when it happened!
- i believe in manners. whistling is not a proper way to get a human being's attention. so when i hear whistling at work, i don't usually investigate. i guess last week i should have, because that is how one of my patients was trying to get me to come back to her recliner. i did inform her that there were many other more effective ways in calling me over to her. that any of the following would have sufficed: nurse, excuse miss, miss, mam, pardon me.
- i had my first starbucks spiced pumpkin latte ever. eh. i'm just not a fan of pumpkin.
- last night ben found something in his nightstand that resembled nick's contact case. {it might actually be a case for the case with a mirror.} he proceeded to open the case, pretend to take something out of it, and then poked his eye. he looked at me and said he was using 'eye tacts' like daddy.
- today when i woke ben up, he told me it wasn't time yet. that there was no sun. yes, beans winter stinks.
- i love thunder. really gonna miss it the next few months.
- was looking for something different for dinner. really there's only so many variations on mexican and italian. found this recipe. we don't have many 'southern' recipes. totally a keeper. was a bit spicy. ben ate it but drank a bunch of milk. so if you don't like spicy be warned.
- finally got nick to watch bridesmaids. so happy he enjoyed it. and melissa mccarthy makes that movie.
- tomorrow is not gonna be fun at work. i'm hoping i can be my pessimistic self and believe that it's going to be worse than it actually will be just so i can be pleasantly surprised when it doesn't completely kick my ass!
- thinks it's funny how things work out. like when you're not sure you want to do something and yet you do and then it kinda snow balls and in the end it turns out that that's what you were supposed to do in the first place because you're able to end up at the right place at the right time. feel like i had a bit of kismet happening this weekend...

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