ten on tuesday 10.11.11

- ben is too sweet. the other day at dinner ben wanted a potato chip. i told him he could only have one if he ate a piece of his chicken. he said, 'two of em'. i told him if he ate two piece of chicken, i would give him two potato chips. his response, 'ok!' so he ate two pieces of chicken and i gave him two potato chips. he immediately turned to nick and said, 'here daddy, i share.' aw. bless his lil heart!
- found out i can't have music this weekend at the urbanathalon. i might die. my girlfriend told me she sings the abc's. i'm totally doing it.{oh and i'm so not ready!}
- nick had to get new running shoes. i went with and couldn't help but buy the cutest jacket. now, i have to run to get my money's worth, right?
- we inherited a new kitty friday. his name is chewbacca. and no, nick didn't name him. he came with it. {totally perfect for a nick pet!} chewy and orbit are learning to tolerate each other. i gave them both catnip monday night. i think it's totally helping. :)
- looking forward to doing the cha cha slide at a wedding friday. they better play it!
- cannot believe how crazy our weekend is going to be. well, at least friday and saturday. {weddings, and slumber parties, and running with obstacles. oh my!} i'm hoping we have recouperation time sunday.
- saw the ides of march friday. eh. i want to see 50/50 but i'm not sure i can do it in public. might be a 'in the privacy of my own home' kinda movie. afraid it's gonna hit too close to home.
- can make some recipe suggestions. {i love pinterest!} cheddar cracker chicken. i'm drooling just thinking about it. i had more chicken than the recipe called for, so i used a whole sleeve of crackers, a bag of cheese, four scallions, and three cloves of garlic. yum! stuffed meatballs. make these are serve on spaghetti or a nice sub. cheesy bacon biscuits. a nice something different for breakfast. totally easy too!
- watched the chicago marathon on tv sunday. nick laughed at me. asked, really? then five minutes later he got up and went out to run. seriously, so inspiring. i cannot fathom running 26+ miles. they are all amazing. ;)
- trying to update this blog and nick is making me play quarrel with him. i might have to download it too...

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Carrie said...

A co-worker of mine did the Chicago marathon. She ran on a team for Lukemia/Lymphoma, and that organization raised $990,000!!
She did say one is enough and has no plans to do another, maybe a half marathon.