wip 9.24.11

i worked. which turned out to make my day quite stressful. i thought i could squeeze in grocery shopping after work and before ben's pediatrician appointment. can you say rushed?! oh well, it's done. i survived. and we made it to the appointment.

the only picture i have is of me stopping at the town hall for our building permit. totally would have forgot that i had stopped there if it wasn't for this iphone photo. maybe i should take more pictures, so i can really remember what i do!

so work. grocery shopping. building permit. pediatrician appointment. phew. and nick was stuck at work until about 530 that night. needless to say, we did nothing that evening.

work on the shed begins!

the new front door. {yay fresh coats of paint. removing the grid from the screen. new rectangles on the bottom}

k. back to the shed. ben helping daddy measure.

ben and i left daddy to do the hard work and we headed to grandma and grandpa's.
ben planted some pumpkins with grandpa in like july {it's in a weekend post, i swear it is...} and now it's time to pick em!

ben enjoyed helping with the tomatoes and peppers. he didn't understand putting the tomatoes gently into the bucket. we had a few causalities.

saturday evening was robin and ryan's bachelorette/bachelor party. notice the bizarre colored shot in front of me? it's gross. if anyone ever offers you a seven layer shot, say no. just saying. ;)

i kicked some serious bootay at trivia. yay tickets. {which were all donated to the soon to be bride and groom!}

i love the intense concentration. we are a competitive bunch!


ryan actually stepped away from the shuffle board and played some dance dance revolution. who knew?!

oof. early morning after a later than anticipated evening. we were both pretty freaking tired. nick and the boys went frisbee golfing again.

ben and i played and played and then napped! :)

i'm pretty sure that card dominos was the highlight. yes, i make up games! keeps everyone entertained and that's all that matters. oh and nick sucks at card dominos. :P

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