wip 9.17.11

up early after a late night with the girl's. my chiro appointment was not fun. i decided that there was no way i was going to survive grocery shopping and all the other errands i had to complete, without starbucks! ;)

when i got home, i dyed ben's new favorite toy. the colored rice! 

the colors were so amazingly vibrant. the storage situation has changed. i just didn't have a big enough container for it. now i do! ;) just don't have a picture of it...

one of my stops was target. bought ben a smaller pillow pet.  he had been on a pillow kick and his regular pillow pet is just too big. this was perfect! i guess he thought so too. he decided to try it out immediately. laid down right in the kitchen. silly boy!

watched the next three days with jer bear and gibi. love impromptu get togethers.

crazy morning. my mom came over to babysit so nick and i could paint the door. here's the before. you'll see the after in the next wip post! gross, right? ;)

then my dad rode his bike over. and then the comcast guy was over to install everything. {we're trying comcast for a month, we'll save quite a few dollars in doing so.}

in the afternoon we ran some errands. so funny because i only have one picture on my cameras from this day.

the campfire smores frozen custard from culver's! {maybe i realized i hadn't taken any yet and snapped this one. i think i've only missed one day so far this year for my photo calendar.}

lazy day home for ben and i. the boys {nick, jason, john, and jerry} went to play frisbee golf.
again, i only have like one picture on all the cameras. apparently, i wasn't in a picture mood or something!

ben has so much fun with these frogs my mom gave him when we were in vegas. i moved the ottoman up against the wall, and he immediately learned he could climb on it to reach all of the froggies that normally he had to ask us to get! seriously, we played for at least an hour with these things!

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