wip 10.1.11

i cannot for the life of me remember what i did during the day. seriously, i need to get back on track with these! or put better notes in my phone!
in the evening, we walked to jay and christy's for wynn's birthday festivities. or wynnie as ben calls her. ;)
my pictures aren't the greatest. ben was obsessed with this gun that aunt gerri got her. too bad she bought in on some crazy road trip to somewhere in illinois. and by crazy i mean like, champaign!

and of course there are some pictures of jason and nick playing. i swear, sometimes they enjoy these get togethers a little too much! ;)

decided to head to the apple orchard. love that it's one of our traditions. i believe nick and i have gone 7/8 years that we've been married. and we are 3/3 with ben!

it was a brisk day. but we toughed it out. so glad we did!

i tried to snuggle up with beaner on the tractor ride.

somebody was excited to be let loose!

with jer bear and gibi.

nick and ben.

yay the pressners!

mr. noah enjoying his apple.

the cousins.

baseball tradition. we are such rule breakers!

hanging out under some trees. 

walking with gibi.

noah and gibi. such a cute picture.

i love him.

i think someone was in awe of all the pumpkins.

not a fan of the sunflower!

and he wanted to ride the train all by himself. sigh. such a big boy now. 

once we got home, nick and his dad started working on the shed. so lucky to have someone who wants to help nick with projects. :)

we had to be up and at em bright and early.
we ran the bucktown 5k. {maybe i should use the term loosely. i wogged. aka walk jogged.}

the girls. {pre}

the boys. {pre}

us {post}

and every one. {post}

was totally fun. and exhausting. enjoyed a late breakfast at i can't remember where... ah, thank you facebook. at the southern. was interesting. had a buffet. think they were prepared for all of us crazy runners.

then we came home and nick decided to work on the shed again. yup, his dad came to help.

bean and i did some yard work.
he enjoyed using the branches i trimmed, to hit other branches. we had leaves everywhere. but that's okay. he had a blast.

his new favorite past time has been jumping. from the bottom stair. from his step stool. from the curb. so he was thrilled when he figured out he could jump from the beginnings of the shed. 

helping clean.

and the boys deep in thought.

totally long weekend. totally exhausting. i think we were in bed before 9 which is completely unheard of for us!

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