seriously, it is sooo strange.
you can learn about it here. nick and i were laying in bed, not wanting to get up and saw this brilliant flash of light. he was like, 'what was that?!' my answer was someone crashed with all the ice or it was lightening. sure enough, about 30 seconds later, there was a downpour of sleet/rain/snow.
i am home from work. i swear my phone rang at least 7 times in 45 minutes all before 630. the first ones were my mom letting me know about cancellations. my dad drives a bus for the local school corporation and she is a teacher at another school corporation. one has school, one doesn't! my boss called this morning and told me to not even try it. there are two staff members who are pretty close to the office. they were gonna go in for us. my boss lives even farther away. a while later, one of the coworkers called to make sure i was staying home. i swear, these girls are so cute with the fat, pregnant lady. ;o)
nick's coworker tried to convince him to stay home. she lives pretty close and said she would make the trek. unfortunately, he had to go in. had to mix for a new patient. total bummer.
plan on attacking the house and some of my to do lists.


Anonymous said...

No thundersnow here, but we have had it in the past.

We have a snow day too! But Steve had to go in, hospitals are always open.

Good luck with your to do list. Me, I'm doing the negelected baking.


Brandy said...

crazy!!! i liked the extra consideration i was given being preggers, not everything is sink or swim

KJ said...

Cool! Thundersnow! I bet that was kinda neat! Funny how your coworkers are with you, that's so cute! Take advantage of it while you can!!