a hodge podge post.

lots going on.
finished shopping and wrapping. on 3 gift cards left. woot woot!
here's a pic of me wrapping.

the presents aren't that big. just thought the bag was fun and obnoxious! didn't think i could fit myself in it either. that was just for giggles.

had my cookie exchange at work this week. here was the loot.

good stuff. might share my favorite recipes later. who knows.

made one card with the december byom kit.
the colors aren't the greatest. didn't have the scanner hooked up right then, and i made the card for my boss. didn't want to give her the gift card without the card. ;o)

maybe i'll have more time to make some more goodies. who knows.

had to go to the mall today. not fun. wasn't planned. need some more dress clothes. christy's mom passed away thursday. needed something decent for the wake and funeral. and christy is totally worth dealing with mall madness at this time of year. i also about sweated my ass off. ended up taking my socks off and walking around in my crocs. so close to removing my jacket as well. these hormones are insane.

picked up stuff for pioneer woman's lasagna. nick made it. getting ready to deliver it to christy's dad's. they are currently setting up camp there... hoping it's tasty since we've never had it.

more baby updates tomorrow. don't want to deviate from sundays which are designated baby post days. however, i did finish the shower list. just have to address and send them out! with everyone donating their time and monies i thought i could do the invites. oh and the centerpieces. have cute ideas for those. hoping they come out as i picture them.


Anonymous said...

Cute card!

Sorry to hear about Christy's mom. Sending hugs for all.


KJ said...

Nice bag! Love the card! So sorry to hear about your friends' mother.