roasted over an open fire....

so i'm in the shower getting ready to go to nick's christmas dinner in the city and i smell something funny. he walks upstairs with a totally mischievous look and says, what? i ask did you light a candle? no. {said with giant grin} did you light a fart? stop it, no. {while laughing hysterically} well, what the hell did you do? light some incense? wait, why do we have incense? no. i give. wait, it smells like toasted marshmallows. you making me smores? no.
the man didn't want to shred an important document so he freaking burnt it.
this comes after he's telling me that our driveway is slippery and he needs to ice it. of course, my smart ass self asked him why? is the driveway salty. he didn't get it. took me saying it twice and them him making fun of me before he figured out i was making fun of him. he then proceeded to laugh for like five minutes.
apparently, we are in rare form tonight. should make for an interesting car ride to the city with tobbi and george. hopefully, we settle down before we make it to the restaurant.


KJ said...

Oh, boy.....LOL!

Hey, gave you an award on my blog! Check it!

Liz said...


I gave you the award too (and tagged you)! ;)