28 weeks.

seriously. 7 months? nuts. i cannot believe i'm entering the third trimester. eek. where o where does time go? thumper is now the size of a head of cauliflower. 2 pounds and 14 1/2 inches.
side note: my mom delivered my lil bro 3 mos. early. he was 3 pounds and 20 inches. can you imagine if he went to term?!

here's a picture.

let's see what's new...
not sure if i've complained about a constantly runny nose or not. it's serious. congested all the time. some days are better than others. have to remember to turn on the humidifier at night or i'm in serious trouble the next day!

been getting up again during the night to pee. might have to restrict my liquids like i did earlier. it's not too bad since i usually fall right back to sleep!

nick got to see thumper's kicks for the first time last tuesday. had a long day and came home. i immediately ran to the couch! he was outside trying to clear the ice off of the driveway. as i was laying there, i thought i think my shirt is moving when it's kicking. sure enough. nick was able to see it. not much. just a little bulge in the tummy. would remind me of a drum or something.

have the shower invitations out! only a few final details that i need to take care of. strange that it is only a month away! will share the invitations soon. gotta meet with the cupcake lady. pick out the flavors and designs. i'm thinking simple. will have to do some web searching...

painted my toes sunday night. that was fun! had a heck of a time. i think nick just sat and laughed. not sure i'll be able to do it again. might have to get pedi's from now on... and i'm not sure why i felt the need to paint my toes. they've been naked for quite some time.

looking into a maternity photo shoot. our friend does photography on the side. trying to come up with some ideas. if you have any ideas or links you think i should see, please share. have a list of things to talk with her about. trying to gauge when they should be done. don't want them too early. don't want to wait too long and then deliver or something crazy. must call her this week.

baby pressner got some christmas presents. my family was cute and everyone had something for thumper. nothing crazy. just thoughtful and super sweet. totally weren't expecting that.

really have to get on the ball with thumper's room. hope to get that taken care of in the next month. would be nice to have everything set up for after the shower. then i could just put things away.

and one final picture so you can actually see the belly... {sorry, no fancy photoshop on this one}


Kache said...

That was really nice of your family with the baby christmas gifts.

Great pics!

Ok, this is the only photo site I have saved cause I always thought she did cool every day & wedding stuff. However, I just looked up her maternity pics, and I'm not so sure about the whole naked in a field. haha...


Anonymous said...

You look so cute! Great pictures.

A local photographer that I just love!!


Anonymous said...

dropped in to see you. happy new year!

psucolleen said...

wow you look FANTASTIC. I think I was that big on week 2. Only kidding but seriously.. you look fabulous! So glad you're getting some good pictures! I'm off to check if one of my favorite photographers does any maternity pics... I'll let you know.

psucolleen said...

okay - here's what I found...

She doesn't do much pregnancy photography but I got a HUGE giggle out of last photo in the October 13th post... not that you could do this but it still made me laugh and thought I'd share.


In case you're interested... you can check out a few of the pictures from my brothers wedding on this same blog... May 13th entry. Matthew is in the very first photo peeking out the church doors watching my SIL get out of the limo. And of course there are a few more from the day if you want a peek.