7 randoms

thanks liz....

7 random tidbits.
hope i haven't repeated these over the life of this blog.

-i am obsessed with cookbooks. i tend to collect them more than use them tho.
-i love pomegranates. wish they weren't so difficult to breakdown and eat.
-i hate parallel parking. i close my eyes when nick does it and i even made colleen do it in chicago at the byom weekend getaway!
-i cannot read manuals. too adhd for that. which is probably why i still don't know how to use my sewing machine or have taught myself to knit, crochet, or quilt. show me and i'm set for life.
-one of the reasons that becoming a nurse appealed to me... scrubs. darn those things come the weekend and you try to fit in your jeans...
-love a clean house but hate the housework that goes with it.
-i'm not a big phone talker. most of my phone calls take place in the car. rarely, spend a long time on one once i'm home.

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Kache said...

Oh man, I'm so stealing some of these! :)