the bean.

or formerly known as the bean will now be referred to as thumper.  ;o)
last night nick was able to feel it squirming around in there.
i'm not sure if i haven't really been paying attention.  i mean, i feel it.  i just don't normally have time to sit around and feel it with my hands.  and last night we were laying in bed, reading and i took a good kick to the lower tummy.  thought to myself that a thump that serious has to be able to be felt from the outside.  i think i might have even said, ow!
sure enough, it was!  was pretty rhythmic for a while.  like it was doing summersaults. 
nick was funny.  wasn't sure how to tell if it was kick.  thought my stomach was just spasm-ing or something.  we laid there for a bit, reading.  his hand on my belly.  cuteness.

had my appointment today.  all is well.  well, weight gain is hrmph.  not bad, just i thought this past month would have been less.  i was wrong.  everything checked out okay.  got measured, heard the heartbeat, discussed the ultrasound {everything is okay as far as he can tell}, nothing really new and earth shattering.  
will have blood work and any other testing that may be needed after my next appointment.  what fun to look forward to in the new year. 


TracyDacy said...

Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump ... more to come :-)

Anonymous said...

Wait until you can actually see the summersaults happening!!


KJ said...

How cute!!!