i can't handle.

this mess! i can only tolerate this craziness for so long. going on a month is enough. so close to having the wall done on the main level. the paint didn't match, so they had to come back and repaint three adjoining walls. fun stuff. hoping the trim guy is out before the middle of the week and we can get everything back to normal down here. well, nick has to replace the carpet and pad in the new study still. but that's a tiny mess compared to the crap strewn about this house! then it's onto the kidlet's room. then i do believe, that is all of our home improvement projects for some time.

dinner last night was from this new cook book...
so many of the recipes look good. and easy. my kinda cook book! not to mention the mouthwatering mac and cheese on the cover. taste of home, you really know a way to a girl's heart.

was an impulse buy at lowe's. i know. bad shannon. but what else says home improvement like down home cooking? nick and i were starving so that explains it. we picked out dinner and desert over lunch at penn station. anywho...

made the skillet lasagna. we thought it was okay. too tomato-y and soupy on the first day. leftovers were better today. would have added some seasoning while cooking... garlic, italian seasoning. and the directions were not spot on. i ended up having to bump up the heat and cooking for like an additional 10 minutes for the noodles to soften.

dessert. yummy! hello. my new easter desert. sooooo good. soooo easy. except, i don't think i let my cream cheese soften enough and it was a bit curdy. took me a while to get it worked out but oh well. still was so delish.

finally got my christmas cards! not what i wanted. but eh, will do. hoping to have them postal by the end of the week. stumbled across my new avatar while searching for pictures to use. the picture was taking in a bathroom at one of the wineries. ha! had completely forgot about it. so glad i found it. was time to update.

shower invitations should be done soon too. i kept the envelopes while they're being printed. hoping to save some time since it's so busy around the holidays.

k. off to tidy up some more while nick's at volleyball...

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Kache said...

That cover mac & cheese does look good!
I'm glad to hear Twilight was a good movie. I'll end up renting it, but I'm glad it'll be worth it :)