27 weeks.

eek! i cannot believe i am this far along already. craziness.
no picture today. sorry. refer to yesterday's post with the crazy blueberry belly if you really feel it necessary. ignore the bra glare in the picture. nice, classy stuff here people.
have had frozen pipes for almost the whole day. froze pipes = no shower. no shower = no belly pictures.
the only quick wash came courtesy of the kitchen sink before an emergency baby sitting session of miss braiden for jas and chris. i mean, playing volleyball and having some normal human time is worth it. and she's cute. when she isn't a crying snotball. kidding. ;o)
thankfully, the pipes are unfrozen. unfortunately, it required cutting two holes in our drywall. fun times. just when we thought we were done with home improvement projects. hrmph. they never end.

so 27 weeks. i think they say the bean is now a cucumber. and something like 2 pounds. sheer craziness. feeling good. less hungry which is great. this weight gain can totally level off a bit. have been having total fruit cravings. i think i had a pear for the first time in years this past week. any fruit will do. another new favorite... pink lady apples. i mean, that's a fun name and they are tasty! and i's still on the smoothie kick every morning. hello, it's lots of fruit: oj, pineapple, strawberry, and banana. fruity goodness.
had to upgrade some maternity pants. were a bit snug. the jeans should hold out the entire time. and the dress pants. i just had some cheapie ones i found on clearance and thought they might last. no such luck.
think i even picked out the outfit for the shower. no skirt! and it's black. total shocker from me. i live in that color. my mom said they would just smother me in pink and blue bows to make up for the lack of color!
back to baby stuff. feeling more kicks. feeling guilty during the day when i'm not really paying attention. makes me nervous sometimes. like i should be more aware. who knows.
have had a total urge for clean and neat around the house. so not a good time with all the renovations. and the newly cut holes in my wall. sigh.
think we've locked down our names. again, that could change. really want to meet mr. or miss. bean before picking for sure.
the turkey timer, aka my belly button, has yet to fully pop. so close. got an email today that suggested taping it down with a bandaid it if interfered with your fashion sense. wha? watch me totally do that in a few weeks after scoffing at the thought!
sleeping well. much better on the bed than couch. some back aches. nothing too serious. some crazy foot aches and pains too.
have been an effin inferno. this coming from the girl who is always cold. i cannot believe how hot i am and in this negative weather. i threatened to take the flannel sheets off of the bed the other day. i didn't. i'm a good wifey. but holy heck, it's hot!

think that's it for baby. as for pw's lasagna. it got three thumbs up from the three recepients. chris said she would add some mushroom in the future. jason and mr. grish said more cheese. i think i will do both with a bit of onion when we finally make it ourselves. they said it really hit the spot. so glad they liked it. making carmen's french toast casserole for them next. figured they could eat it the morning of the services. will more than likely be uber hectic, so this will be one less thing for them to worry about. i think i'm going to be on braiden duty tomorrow and tuesday. works for me. anything to help. hope she isn't a holy terror and i look like a totally unfit parent to be!

watched fred claus last night. i fell asleep. surprise, surprise. it's a miracle if i make it through a movie these days. fingers crossed it warms the heck up and this -30 wind chills leave. i cannot have frozen pipes in the morning.

oh and i'm totally diggin the mac. haven't done much beyond surfing the web on it. but that's getting easier and easier. must take baby steps!


Monica said...

Yay on getting the mac out!

Liz said...

love the update... thanks!

Kache said...

Ok, I caved and bought a bullet blender a couple days ago. It's sitting in the box now, so if you have any favorite smoothie recipes, please send them!! :)

KJ said...

Yay for the mac! The lasagna sounds yummy! My girls LOVE Fred Claus!! Sorry for the frozen pipes, that bites.