wednesdays are for naptime.
i usually drag ass by mid day on wednesday. love to come home and snuggle up on the couch and fall asleep. a quirk of mine... i cannot fall asleep with cold feet. totally, utterly impossible. i don't care how tired i am. i can't do it. and i can't wear socks to bed. well, mostly i never wear socks. my feet like to breathe, but anywho. winter makes napping/sleeping hard. k. back to regularly scheduled topic.
was a little nervous about how this week was going to pan out. had something planned daily. nick said dr appointments don't count. pshaw. it does because there is always shopping after. ;o)
tonight's festivities were cancelled. moved to tomorrow but since i already had plans for tomorrow no dinner downtown for us.
i'm sad a bit. but a little happy about the nap that might be in my future!
nap? top chef? nap? top chef? decisions, decisions.


Anonymous said...

I can't sleep with cold feet either!! Will wear socks to bed to get them warm, but then off they come, feet need to breathe :)


psucolleen said...

ALWAYS opt for the nap! :o) You will learn this quickly as a mom.

I can't sleep with cold feet either. Nor a cold nose.

KJ said...

I can't sleep with cold feet, either! And, I usually don't wear socks to bed, either!