i'm in love.

with amazon. it's an addiction.
i think 95% of my gift purchases over the last few months have been bought online.
loving the amazon prime. nick and i paid for it in june and it has been well worth it. i smile when i pull into the driveway and see my mini-mountain of amazon boxes. sometimes i even get the purchases in one day.
i've looked at this multiple times over the past few months.

my patient had one on thursday... it's way cool in person. might have to ask for birthday cash and buy it with that... then again, with parenthood looming, i'm not sure how much time we'll have for reading. ;o)


KJ said...

Holy freaking cow that's awesome! I want one, too!!

Monica said...

I've heard of that. It does look cool.

Ashley said...

OH I seen that on Martha Stewart one day. I have wanted one since. It has gone down $40 so I will have to wait till it is down to under $100 plus they are making a color one.