wip 5.25.13


was surprised by my awesome girlfriends with a lovely little sprinkle. totally thought we were doing our pinterest craft. they fooled me and i love them for it. i know i've said it before but i love that we are such a random bunch of girls that work. seriously, in a million years, you would never look at this group and go, 'oh yeah, i see how that works.' i joke that we are our own version of the breakfast club: the druggie, the bitch, the hillbilly, the martha stewart... all totally inappropriate stereotypes. but i love them. i love that no matter what happens and how busy life is, that we are always there for one another. 

my friend's husband works for target. love that they have these awesome glasses! 


ran out early. my girlfriend was having a garage sale and another one of our friends was selling all of her baby girl clothes. had to go pick out the cute stuff before anyone else could. that's what i get for not sharing my news!

stopped and took donuts and iced coffee to miss val's house. only fitting since we were both up late at the sprinkle the night before.

scored with monica's stuff. nabbed a nearly new infant seat that her daughter was too chubby for and lots and lots of cute clothes. and i bought a variety of sizes. yay! she was mad that i insisted on paying her but it was only fair. love that she will now set aside for me once her two girls are done with them.

stopped by old navy. couldn't help myself and purchased my first baby clothing item. the cutest one piece bathing suit. who knows if she'll wear it. but i couldn't pass it for $10!

came home to meet the peapod guy and spent the rest of the morning catching up on computer stuff. 

nick came home with ben and was so excited that his new book came in the mail.
sad case of the grown ups right there. ;P

i gave ben a donut treat. he loves the blue ones with sprinkles.
love how he eats them too...

was a lazy evening in. we weren't sure what our weekend was going to have in store for us and wanted to enjoy one day, for sure.


we were up and at em bright and early. nick had a procedure so we needed to drop ben off at my parent's house.

we snuggled a bit and watched octonauts. love those super cuddly moments with my lil guy.

made it to where we needed to be after stopping at three different entrances. darn community for being so confusing. 

smiling patient.

the nurse was confused by me wanting to wait in the room for him, in silence. told her i needed to enjoy some peace and quiet while i could. i did finally cave and turn on sportscenter!

the directions for my book, clearly stated that sudoku should be done with a pencil that has an eraser, however, the one they provided clearly does not have an eraser?!

he's got back to the room and was super out of it. like he asked me the same questions over and over again. and he was super nauseated. we hung around way longer than we thought we would and i cancelled our plans for meyer's specials that evening with some friends. bummed to miss a yearly tradition but have to take care of my love, my patient.

dropped him off and home and then went to pick up beans.
i guess this is when ben started grandpa's candy crush addiction.

his first time hanging out in a tree. no he really didn't climb it. i helped.

then we both came home and just hung out while nick slept the anesthesia and nausea away. i did make him a plate of bland foods and took it up to him in bed. ben decided that he should be able to eat daddy's dinner, even though he had already eaten his own, so we had a little picnic in our bed so ben could spend some time with nick.

nick was feeling almost human and wanted to go out to breakfast. he chose the same restaurant we went to last week!

opted to sit outside this time. ben loved it. asked to take off his sandals and ran around while we waited. oh and he colored too.

totally enjoyed this choice much better than last week's choice. i think it was the biscuit gravy. that makes everything better, right? 

nick found a surprise in his breakfast...
yup that is the cellophane wrapper from the cheese. icky.

the boys went to feed the fishies.

then we started our crazy list of errands. first stop farmer's market. we love the cheese stand people. ben is obsessed with cheese. he loves their 'hot dog' cheese. thought he was going to eat the entire brick before we left!
we picked up some fruits and veg for the garden. ben played on the fountain while we made our final decisions of what to purchase. 

 'dad, can i have more cheese, please?'

round and round he goes!

made a few more stops: alsip, target, and stracks. when we got home ben and i took naps and nick headed in to work. when we got up, we ran some more errands: two hallmarks and party city. then we met nick at dairy queen for some treats. 

ben and i waited in the car for him to arrive. someone asked to come join me in the front. how could i refuse the opportunity to have a super cute co-pilot join me? 

the smores blizzard wasn't available yet. super bummed since it was advertised. oh well. crunch cones for the whole family. ;)

he is serious about his ice cream!

started to rain so we came inside. it's always easier to keep the messy boy outside! oh well.

love his little feetsies hanging off the booth. so cute!

brain freeze! 

came home and chilled. had debated going to another drive in to try it out since we had one more day of play this weekend. but with how nick was feeling and conflicting weather reports, we just played it safe.

memorial day.

had a lazy morning. was kinda rainy. wasn't sure what the day would turn into. had plans to go to nick's mom and head to the beach at some point.

after ben's nap we headed over.
the kids were playing super hero chutes and ladders.

the evening turned out to be beautiful. we headed down to the beach and just walked. 

ben was in heaven. running, hopping in and out of the water. makes me happy.

totally obsessed with the house that was at the end of ogden dunes. it was awesome. only a few million dollars, i'm sure.

headed to the portage riverwalk....

someone happy to have climbed to the top of the hill.


jerry, wait up!

i'm a monster.

trying to hop over the waves. 


ben didn't want to wash off his feet at first, once we convinced him to try it and showed him how to do it, he didn't want to stop.

family foot prints.

running up a dune with megan. was so mad when we told him that he couldn't roll down. that there were too many rocks...

he opted for the butt slide. 

okay, it was a bit windy. ;)

we left our shoes on the dock when we got to the beach, so we walked the trail barefoot. ben wasn't a fan. he ended up on nick's shoulders for the majority of the time.

gigi's turn.

almost back to the beach!

we made it!

ben was so funny. he was running back and forth through the water and onto the sad. he didn't realize there was a drop off in the water and about fell completely in. he ended up almost completely soaking his pants. i almost peed mine watching him. was so hysterical. he was a champ about it too. kinda startled then laughed it off when he realized we were all laughing with him.

a heart rock. 

patiently waiting for us to take our family photo.

 the unedited versions...

mr. messy feet. 

came back and hung out at gigi's for a bit. wanted to visit since we got there a bit late. 

a new favorite of ben's. don't break the ice!

he loves gigi's juices. was a little bummed there was no blue left. i think he drank them all last time! so he settled for green. 

got home and crashed. i'm too pregnant for all this activity! :)