they make me smile.

made a quick trip to alsip tuesday. for a landscape change. pictures when it's all done. yay before and afters...

the sprinklers were going when we were there. and ben was so happy to run through them. how could i tell him no? especially since it was so nice out.

and then ben decided that daddy should run with him too. and being the good daddy that he is, nick obliged.

{all iphone pics.}

and the laughter and giggling made me smile. and it still does. just looking at these pictures makes me happy! :)



a completely random post.
was feeling a bit too structured. and have had this topic on my mind for quite some time. ;o)

i love post secret. it's one of my favorite things to do on sundays. unless i forget, which happens way more than i like. oh well.

way back when, there was a post secret app. was pretty cool. loved seeing secrets on a more regular basis. until the crazies ruined it. anyway. i promise i'm not off topic. i'm getting there...

found this screen shot on my phone. completely forgot i had snapped it...

not the greatest quality. sorry. as you can see it was early. probably one more thing i could do that morning to delay climbing out of bed and hopping in to the shower! 

so totally true! i am constantly misplacing my chap stick. nick even got into a habit of keeping some on him for 'emergencies'!

i have been a bit better. currently, i have two eos ones {summer fruit and sweet mint} that i haven't lost in like 6 months. might be a record! i really am enjoying them. good flavors. feel good. was kind of doubtful at their size. but after talking to someone at a wedding last year, i decided to give it a go. so glad i did. and it's since replaced soft lips {mint flavored!} and nivea {a kiss of smoothness} as my usual.

okay. completely random post over!


ten on tuesday 5.29.12

- ben can say crackers. however, not when combined with another word. i'm not sure graham crappers are very appetizing.

- never noticed it before but the candy is across from all the cereal in the grocery store. note to self: only buy cereal by myself when ben is older.

- had someone tell me their nickname for someone. love it when little secrets brighten my day and continue to make me smile days later when i think of it. and 'cling on' is so appropriate. kinda sad i didn't come up with that one.

- why must my phone insist on changing so to do and if to it? why? and yes, i could turn it off but i don't want to.

- had a damn you auto correct moment when texting with a girlfriend today. i could not stop laughing. i think it was because i was reading her texts in her crazy, but lovable, voices! and because it wasn't my errors or i probably would have just been annoyed with the darn phone.

- love when i tell ben 'a few more minutes' he says, 'okay five.' never fails. and if i say, 'ten more minutes.' he says, 'no. five.' silly little man.

- had to tie my shepherd's hooks up this afternoon. my plants are pulling them over!

- still undecided on the garden. ack! why can't i decide?

- impromptu landscaping adjustment today. my husband is awesome. love that he gets stuff done around the house. makes me beyond happy.

- had an amazing weekend. always said when they are over but kind of relieved. it can get a bit busy. but feeling lucky and thankful that we have such a full life. ;)


walking photography class.

last july i saw a living social deal for a walking photography class. shared it with a girlfriend and we both decided to purchase it. almost a year later, we finally got around to taking the class! so glad we did. even if it was during a crazy weekend in chicago.

see quick blurb about it on yesterday's post.

our class started in a starbucks.
just did a quick overview. what we knew. what we wanted to learn.

finally learned what a few buttons on my camera were for! ahem, it only took 9 years. i'm sorry, but i just don't do well with reading manuals or online courses. this class was perfect for the hands on learner, which i totally am!

so first photos. white balance. who knew?!

then it was out into the real world.
amazing how two little clicks can change a photo this much.

and the different colors. which is a bit hard for me to see on the screen but i'm getting there!

maybe a protestor and their film crew?

one of my favorite pictures taken during the class.

i learned how to make it blur! okay, so it's not the greatest yet. but i'm fully intending on practicing. if i can remember! can't wait to get that review email from our instructor to refresh.

cops everywhere.

another favorite.

the art institute.

secret service.

an eerily quiet chicago. no cars!

and then time for some bean photos. it's one of my favorite things in the city. so amazing. ;)

and me not paying attention at the end of class to snap this picture.

and more security...

so cool.
so glad i didn't chicken out and cancel because of the protests.
would definitely take another class in the future. hoping i can convince monica to go with me again! might be hard with a new born, but i'm gonna try! maybe a fall class so her lil one can be a few months old. ;)


wip 5.19.12

picked ben up from daycare after cleaning all day. had to hurry up and get ready to head right back out. were meeting my parents at a wake.

passed some time waiting for nick to get home from work by playing with ben's new felt food. got the pizza kit and sandwich kit. melissa and doug brand. he's quite a fan! {and no he isn't really eating his fake food. it's a real potato chip!}

oh and all pics from today are iphone shots.

after the wake, we went out to dinner with my parents. good company. good mexican food. good beer!

then we stopped at old navy for ben stuff and a quick stop at the grocery store. it was way late and ben was way good. told him if he stayed in the cart for the entire shopping trip he could have some gum. it worked! ;)

ignore the crazy lighting. tried to get him showing me the gum in his hand and in his mouth!


a morning with snakes and bugs and my cute little boy.

i have no idea what chewbacca is doing. that cat is crazy.

fun with tents and tunnels. 

had a change of plans... ended up stopping by nick's work. ben passed out in the car and i enjoyed some words with friends. 

then we hit up the outlet mall. has been forever! and i haven't shopped in forever! okay. not really but whatever. it felt like it.

saw this when we drove in. had to take a picture and text some girlfriends. might have to make a girl's trip when it opens!

of course, ben needed a bouncy ball.

stopped at three stores. a record for us. carter's, under armor, and gap. and rally's. it's a must when we are there!

the loot. oh, i lied. stopped at nine west. was looking for some ballet flats. came home with some wedges. i've been looking for some for almost a year. yay!

and chilling on the couch at the end of the day.

i had to be up super, super, super early.
planned to go to a photography class with a girlfriend a few months ago. we bought our living social coupon for it almost a year ago. didn't realize that the nato summit was going on when we planned it. 

on my way to meet monica. thank goodness for daylight. it made being up that early so much easier. and no traffic!

made it to the train station with plenty of time to spare. so weird seeing police everywhere. 

we were searched before we could head up to the platform, and then had to get off of the train at one stop to be searched again, as well as, frisked and then were able to get on a different train. which was full of security. 

made it to chicago with no troubles. picture of my lovely breakfast and my improvised camera bag. there were a million restrictions as to what we could take on the train and only one of my bags/purses worked!

gonna give the class photos their own post. so stay tuned. because there's a heck of a difference between some of the shots!

the city was relatively quiet. there were hardly any cars on the roads and there were police/secret service every where. kind of neat to say i experienced it. might be looking at it differently if we were to have witnessed some of the disruptive protests in the flesh. thankfully, we were out of the city by 1045. monica's theory was that the protesters would just be getting started!

the bathrooms had pretty, fresh flowers. 

got this text from nick just before boarding the train. the boys went to play some frisbee golf. 

and he actually remembered that i left the point and shoot at home so he could take it with. and he actually remembered to take pictures! yay. and double yay!

jer bear and ben ready to go. and yes, that's how my child wears his hats. never, ever does he wear them with the bill forward. never.

i think he's telling them that the frisbee is that way.


 showing jer bear where to go.

i got one!

and more hiking.

and the cutest picture...

then it was home and naps for ben and me. nick went to my parent's to help the open the pool. fingers crossed it is ready for this weekend!

spending some time outdoors. trying to use and remember what i was taught in class!

and gigi came over to celebrate mother's day.
notice the crazy protesters on the tv. so glad we were there early! 

grilled shrimp for dinner. the dip was delicious. dill avocado. so yum.

and harry potter and ice cream for dessert.

and an amazing sky during the crazy storms.