so i totally forgot about the blog yesterday. gasp!

i think this monster storm {another article} and all the hype is taking a toll...

i had to run to the grocery store last night. it was ridiculous! i totally wished i could have avoided going but it had almost been 10 days which is totally pushing it in my house. i like going weekly... not sure why. i just do.
the stores were worse than around holiday time. there was no bread or yogurt. and the deli line was insane.

i'm really hoping that it isn't as terrible as it's being predicted. i remember the snow storm of 1999. no power, no toilets, no shower, no fun! if it does snow, i just hope we keep power. i'm fine being stuck inside for a few days... i just want to be warm! and honestly, i might be okay with no power. it was the no showering/bathroom part at my parents that sucked. {they have a well, so you can't use it when the power is out.}

you can bet that i'll be keeping an eye on my trusty weather website and hoping for a snow day tomorrow....


Kache said...

GOod luck! My biggest concern is losing power tonight/tomorrow!

psucolleen said...

I abhor having to go to the store when there's a storm on the way. The only reason I'm there with everyone else is because it happens to coincide with me being out of food; not because I'm stocking up! Ugh.

I'm worried about the power, too. Fortunately, the neighborhood has all underground power lines but out on the main road, they're above ground which could affect us. The no showering would do me in!

Here's hoping you're able to stay warm and stay clean! Hang in there!