wip 1.29.11

lazy day at home with mom.

ben did figure out how to take the back off of his busy ball popper.

and how to hide behind the blinds. peek a boo!

and learning his letters. ;)

twas a total adventure.
met my godparents at bridges.  $1 sloppy joes. of course, i didn't order that so my meal was 1/3 of our bill. awesome! good company. good food. can't beat that.

they passed out these jack daniels necklaces. not sure it was completely appropriate for a 22 month old but he loved em!

then we went out to the car. my godparents wanted to check out nick's flex. then someone noticed we had a flat tire. sigh. it's 230 saturday afternoon. are we really going to find someone to fix it?

we did. thank goodness. had to sit in another car and wait for ours to be fixed. ben managed to fall off the backseat and split his lip. thankfully, i was able to contain the blood to just his blanket. i didn't snap any pictures in fear that he would fall off again!

we made it home. were able to tidy up the house and get ready for our dinner date. cooper's hawk here we come!

gotta have a white and a red, right?

yes, i know my teeth and lips are slightly purple. i blame the malbec. ;)

group photo minus the photographer who refused to have his picture taken.

phew. was a long day. fun. lots of memories. but exhausting!

lazy morning. when i finally got motivated to do something. [change ben's light bulbs.} i ended up breaking the light. um, yeah. i twisted the light bulb and some how it broke apart. sigh. i suck. nick had to turn off the power to fix it. and we tried the potato thing and it didn't work. just fyi.

sunday evening was family night with nick's mom's side of the family. was a nice, relaxing evening. took a few pics... they're of ben eating. i think there are plenty of those pictures on here, so i won't share!

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Kache said...

Sorry about the flat tire and the split lip. Not a great combo.
Love the picture of Ben holding the potato, haha!