wip 2.5.11

nothing too excited. still snowed in. nick had to go to work tho.

ben enjoyed playing with his new kitchen. ;)

then i headed out that evening for girl's night with nick's family. no pictures. however, i was tempted to take a picture of the giant snow mound in the parking lot and a pick up truck with its entire bed filled with snow. i don't know why, but that always makes me laugh!

time to clean. ben likes mopping.

then we headed out to dinner for some cheap ribeyes. they were okay... especially the second time since the chef messed up our orders the first time.

headed to a wake in the afternoon. always sad. but still good to catch up with family. ben was a trooper and behaved so well when we were there.
home skillet wasn't feeling the greatest. i mean, how tired are you, if you go the entire car ride home with your hat like this?

sunday evening we decided to go last minute to our friend's super bowl party. had a blast! thanks mom for babysitting!! xo.
took lots of blurry, bad colored photos with my iphone. not sure if it was us taking awful pictures or the phone. they might appear on facebook though... have had a few requests to share, so we'll see!


Kache said...

If Ben has some spare time, I could use him and that mop over at my house!

psucolleen said...

aw... that picture of Ben with the crooked hat is so adorable. I've had days like that. Some accidentally, some chosen! :0) After Rystn's done with Ben, send him to PA. If the mop doesn't make it on the plane, I'll spring for a new one.

Carrie said...

Ben's crooked hat picture is adorable. And I'll take him for a few days too, but I won't make him clean :)

And I hope you were rooting for the Packers :)