wip 2.12.11

nick and i had date night. dinner at asparagus and saw the green hornet.  also snapped our foot picture for the past wordless wednesday while we were in the theatre. ;)

met john and bill and the girls at schoops for a nice lunch. the group picture is awful... but whatever, i'll share.  not sure why i'm eating my hair. again, whatever. and the lighting. sigh. we rotated but those pics are not any better so this is the one i'm sharing.

then i'm hoping this is drea. maybe it's gabby. but i'm almost positive it's drea.
anywho. these two were so cute all lunch long!

then we went to our old high school to watch brianna, nick's dad's girlfriend's daughter {phew}, preform with her dance team. we only watched the hip hop portion of the show. which was fun! and ben totally enjoyed it! he would clap as soon as each team finished their performance and say 'again'. they couldn't get out there soon enough for him.

bean and jer bear after a performance.

we came home and crashed. i think we all took naps!

birthday festivities with my side of the family.

ben and grandma overseeing the pigs and in a blanket production.

ben loves bows!

scamming some popcorn from uncle kevin.

three and two candles. get it?

sharing cake with great grandma. 

and my awesome valentine's day present from my parents! {the apron, not ben!}

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Kache said...

I really like the pic of Ben clapping for the dancers...cute apron!