selphy love.

i did it.
i bought my birthday pressie with my wonderful amazon gift cards.

 {image borrowed from amazon}

nick helped me hook it up tonight. and i've already printed and scrapped one picture. might be a world record. i'm really hoping this helps with my scrappers block. maybe i should reword that. it's  not that i have a block. it's just i don't want to scrap any of the 29,443,030 pictures that are laying around the study. weird, i know. but i'm strange. what can i say? the selphy is giving me instant picture gratification and i'm totally digging it.   i'm also hoping this will cut down on our photo budget. i did good and only ordered with hella sales but it was still a pain in the ass because i could never seem to upload on a regular basis, so when there was a sale it was a huge process. and it will cut down on the photo clutter that is a bit out of hand which is another bonus!

haven't played around with all of the different settings and/or functions. baby steps. ;)

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Kache said...

I've never even heard of this, but it looks cool. I suck at getting pics developed.