wip 2.19.11

gotta catch back up! i fell behind last week.

ben and momma went shopping and visited dadda at work.

ben woke up and insisted on having the puppy that was on one of his shelves. not sure what that was all about but he carried it with him the entire day.

playing on the sticky mat in dad's office.

being the best baby ever in old navy while momma tried on some clothes.

then we came home and napped. and kevin came over and he napped too!
then it was time for a trip to costco!

aw, uncle kevin and ben.

enjoying a tasty green lollipop.

dinner out with friends. was a great time and the tapas were tasty. would definitely go back...  didn't take pictures at dinner but did snap some at the bar afterwards.

lazy morning. then we did our taxes and had nick's mom's family night. dinner was delish. his mom made turkey breast and stuffing. so much better than thanksgiving! had a blast playing games and just hanging out.

nothing major to share picture-wise... which is probably good since it's been picture overload this week!

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