snowmageddon 2011

we survived the third worst blizzard in chicago history.

some of these photos are just amazing.

so the snow started yesterday, tuesday, while i was still at work. nick and i had gotten called and were told that ben's daycare would be closing early for the day. thankfully, nick was able to leave work early to get to the him. i also left work early, about 245, which was nice. however, i didn't get home until almost 4! {it's normally under a 30 minute commute.}

i took some pictures on the ride home. i know, i know. but i couldn't help it.
i'll add descriptions for the locals.

the hill on calumet coming up to route 30.

30 and 41.

the stop light at lake central.

it was awful. more so the visibility than the roads. the snow hadn't really started to fall just yet.

i tried to take a picture out our front door at about 6. didn't have much luck.

love when the snow accumulates on windows like this...

 taken safely from inside our home. out of our front window.

and a quick shot of our backyard that evening. i opened the sliding glass door for this one and holy cow did the snow blow in! {note the teeny tiny slide in the right mid portion of this picture.}

then nick went out and attacked the driveway. he shoveled when we got home. and only a few hours later he needed the snow blower.

and the visibility just a few feet from the garage. 

today. wednesday. nick and i were both fortunate enough to have the day off. thank goodness! and ben's daycare was closed. was nice having a family day!

nick took these pics with the point and shoot the first time he went out to snow blow at around 930.

isn't he cute?

awesome snow drift. he didn't tell me about it.. i just found it on the camera. fun!

another crazy snow drift.

a view looking down our driveway. um, where is the street?

nick standing in the street {i think} looking up our driveway. i love the drifts. 

i snapped a few from inside the house.

remember that playset i told you to pay attention to earlier... hiding under a big drift. love that one of the drifts comes up to our deck. this portion of the deck is a bit higher than the rest, just fyi.

our neighbors. yes, i'm weird. whatever. ;P

then i actually ventured outside once ben was down for a nap.

 nick's first time down the driveway. so thankful for our snow blower {thanks auntie lois and uncle wayne!} but thinking he might need to upgrade! i can't argue the man, as long is he is out there, he can buy what he wants!

hello roof.

a shot of the front door. 

a view down the street. love all the snow blowers and the crazy couple walking down the street!

then i headed out the back door and onto the deck.

it's kinda pretty even though it's a pain in the ass. 

a better shot of the drifts, i think.

so now it's like 11. and the lake effect snow decides to kick in. gotta love lake michigan....

nick is pissed because he hasn't even cleared the drive way and he's been out there for like 2 hours.

holy white out!

did someone see our mailbox?

dumb ass me and bundled up nick!

i think someone is tired.

taken from the mailbox.

then it was some inside time.
ben wanted to take pictures of the snow too.

notice how the snow drift here is considerably higher than earlier...

curious ben.


then we ventured outside once the lake effect stuff stopped.

i think someone was excited. ;)

dada wait up!

a view of the street.

the sad sidewalk.

um, i'm not sure that i like that snow is almost taller than i am!

poor mailbox.

sweet boy.

another street view.

on mount mailbox.

 but momma i don't wanna go inside. {he's totally running away from us in this one!}

but beaner your cheeks are crazy red and we've only been outside for like 5 minutes!

and lastly a few more shots from our warm home.
the neighbors pool. there is a cool space on the one side and on the other it's almost covered by snow.

and his poor slide! 

if you made it this far, you're awesome.
and sorry for the crazy picture quality. i just was shooting. not really paying attention to settings. just wanted to document this crazy experience. ;)


Alison said...

The only time I've seen snow like that was in Norway, I don't envy you. Love your pics, love Ben's happy face !. Take care xoxo

Carrie said...

Wowsa! Great pictures, and you have pretty drifts just like me :)
Stay warm

KJ said...

Wow. You can keep all that crazy stuff! Great pics, tho!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Ben is adorable! I'm glad we didn't get the huge snow that you did!


Kache said...

I really like the pic of Ben on the sidewalks with drifts on both sides!