14 on the 14.

because i haven't done them in a while.
because i meant to do one on thursday and then got side tracked.
because i wasn't doing this on the 12, since it was a saturday.

- i think this contest is pretty freaking awesome.
- am super close to finally purchasing my birthday present. i love amazon gift cards! {it deserves it's own post, so if i ever hit the order button, i'll share!}
- ben went to school today! first time in almost two weeks.
- am super excited for dinner this weekend. with good friends and half price wine bottles it can't be bad!
- thinks that this weather is absolutely awesome! ha.
- couldn't be more excited that it's light out at 7 and still light out at  530.
- needs to scrap like you wouldn't believe.
- ben loves moon dough. momma not so much. that stuff is messy!
- thought date night was pretty darn funny. and green hornet wasn't too bad either!
- needing new tunes. anyone have any good suggestions. {rystn, i think that means you!}
- am excited for our weekend getaway next month. bought ben a super cute life jacket. next on the list: swim suit, cover up, and flips!
- i'm really kinda diggin paper books again. {vs. ebooks} i've been using the kindle on the elliptical and regular books for the everyday.... which often means i'm reading two books at once. i have NEVER done that but it's working so far.
- cannot believe that ben is almost two! trying to make decisions on his party{ies}.
- has been wearing nail polish to work. gasp! in nursing school it is so not okay to wear nail polish. i feel like a total rebel! ;P


psucolleen said...

I'll be looking for a full report on Wilderness Waterpark! And I can't wait to see what you picked with your Amazon gift cards!

Kache said...

Waiting to see what you're going to order!

I heart new songs...you think of some for me, and I'll try to come up with some good ones to post too! :)

Wow, almost 2