the playground.

ben can now ask for music. it's kinda cute. until we listen to his music for 2 hours straight. i have a few cds that have been shared/purchased that we play on a regular basis. today i just turned on the kid's channel on directv. the playground. i already know the lyrics to all of the songs on the cds, so it was time for a change!

i texted nick about my experience and thought if it was text worthy then maybe it could be blog worthy!

the bad part:
-i heard the chipettes cover pink's 'so what'. it was wrong on so many levels.
-weird al yankovic sang about garbage to nelly's 'it's getting hot in here'.

the good part:
-there was a cover of the beatles 'all you need is love'.
-i got to jam out to 'three little birds' by bob marley.
{totally makes me want to dig out the rockabye baby cds.}
-i also had no clue that they might be giants and the barenaked ladies had children's songs. i'm tempted to buy both of those albums...

the best part:
-benjamin danced to every single song. we're talking almost 2 hours. i have video of him dancing. must try to upload to you tube in the near future to share....

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Kache said...

The Weird Al song sounds appropriate :)
I had heard about the BNL but didn't realize They Might Be Giants had a cd, cool.