wip. 1.8.11

i'm only a week behind and i can barely remember what we did.
and what makes that previous statement even more pathetic is that i don't think we did much of anything. so that could be why i don't remember or i just have too much running around in this little old head of mine. i am hoping that reason #1 is the answer. ;)

girl's night with the family.
dinner at asparagus and we saw country strong. {which for whatever reason i refer to as country song.} not my cup of tea. not sure i like gwyneth in that role.

no pictures of girls night, but one of my benjamin.
the kid is obsessed with lemon juice. totally not a fan of lime juice. we tried!

bunk day. thought i had a hair appointment but i put it on the calendar wrong. doh! such is life. thank goodness i realized before i actually left the house!
ended up just having a lazy day. i like that we've had a few of those lately.
wee man is finally able to climb on our couches and ottoman.

another lazy day. two in a row. awesome.
sunday is also my day to sleep in. {nick and i alternate. i get up early saturday mornings and he does sundays.}
apparently, ben was insistent on wearing his shoes. with his pajamas. with no socks. silly boy.

i know lame weekend. but it was much needed. and these next few might kick my bootay!

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psucolleen said...

I love quiet weekends like that! I really can't get over how much a little boy Ben is turning into. It really seems to show in these pictures!