i'm pretty sure most of my readers are members at goodreads. if you aren't, you should definitely check it out.
i have decided to participate in the 2011 reading challenge.

didn't want to get too adventurous... hoping to read 25 books this year.

i tend to get in ruts with reading. it seems to be all or nothing. right now i'm in a total spurt.

a book every other week. i can do that. especially since i've almost finished three this week alone! and if i do more than that... yay for me! ;)


psucolleen said...

I always check out your listings on GR. I don't get to read much but when I do, I try to update. I think it's a phenomenal site; I'm always using it to get ideas & read reviews. I'm about to start a new book.. and I'm embarrassed because it's actually from the "teen section". I stumbled upon it while picking up a book for Matthew that he wanted. We'll see... maybe it'll be a fast read! LOL! Good luck with the reading challenge; if there's anyone I know who can do it, you can! YAY YOU!

Carrie said...

Great challenge. I too use the site to get ideas for new books, I've saved many updates from Good Reads friends.

Good luck! I'll have to think about joining :)

Kache said...

I noticed quite a few notices from goodreads from you, now I know why! I'm in a rut right now, nothing sounds good. I'll check out your selection...