ben has been quite the character lately.
he cracks us up constantly. sometime it's just so darn hard to punish him with a straight face!

just some random ben info. {i'm really wishing i kept up with the monthly posts. sigh.}

- borrowed a chair from braiden for him. ben doesn't really watch tv. has never seen sesame street. the chair is a giant elmo. and when nick brought it in ben pointed and said, 'elmo' i have no clue. i'm guessing they have lots of elmo toys at daycare.

- likes to share. wants momma and dadda to have whatever he's eating. if only we could get him to share more with his toys. he's been saying 'mine' a lot.

- is obsessed with the tv show wipeout. he refers to it as boom. we must watch at least part of an episode daily.

- did the funniest thing friday evening... we had nick's dad's side of the family over and aunt laura was sitting on the ground playing with ben. for some reason, the topic of poopies came up. ben walked over to laura, picked up her shirt, and looked down her pants and said laura poopies. hysterical.

- learned how to say bear down for this weekend. hoping it wasn't us that jinxed them!

- is talking a lot. picking up words like crazy. he's a bit lazy in pronunciation though.

- still loves giving knuckles to everyone!

- went to aldi the other day and they have a giant clock on the building. ben pointed at it and said, 'tick tock.' wha? we have never talked about clocks in our house. thankful that he pays attention and learns at daycare and that it isn't all fun and games! ;) bought this and he loves it!

- is starting to wear 18-24 mos clothing. mostly shirts because of his cute little buddha belly.  hoping he can continue to wear the 12-18 mos pants because they're still a bit long on him. he's such a little shorty.

-loves listening to the children's station in daddy's car. and has been rocking on to some children's music cds at the house. that boy loves his music. and he's just too cute when he dances!

- cannot do the peace sign or the number 2 when counting. he crosses his fingers.

- we're working on debinky-ing him. hope it's not too painful!

- loves the camera. loves saying cheese. wants everyone else to take a picture after we snap one of him. thinking i'm giving him this for his birthday. ordered it at amazon ages ago for a birthday gift for anyone {it was on sale} and just hung on to it.

- still a great eater of fruits and veggies. ;)

- i think mommy and daddy fall deeper in love every single day. xo.

k. i think that was most of what i wanted to share. it's late. i'm tired. and a bit slow. but i didn't want to put it off any longer! can't believe he's almost two!!!

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Kache said...

A camera already, you're getting him on the right track :)

Good idea to write all the ben-isms down, you'll really like looking back on them I bet.