wip 12.25.10 part two.

christmas day.

got up to open presents before the first get together of the day.
ben still wasn't really into presents. his favorite part was sitting on them....

see, it's half open and he's decided to climb on top of it!

his other favorite thing, the wrapping paper. he mostly wanted to clean up and put it in the garbage. but sometimes, he would just throw a pile into the air. 

then the family arrived.
the three cousins.

nick trying to open one of ben's presents. i swear packaging sucks.

our now annual christmas morning photo. ;)

then it was nap time for benjamin and cooking time for us.

i came downstairs from my shower to find this... hilarity.

the prime rib before.

and after. was sooo delicious. seriously. nick did a great job with it. however, the highlight was the smoke alarms going off when he was searing it. was quite a loud ordeal. poor beaner was in the middle of his nap and was sitting up with a total wtf look on his face when i ran in to get him. thankfully, he fell back asleep! 

cousin megan with benjmain.

the kids were having a dance party. so much fun.

family photo number two. ignore the inane amount of toys in the background. too lazy to edit them out. just imagine....

rocking some awesome antlers. nick's aunt got all of the kids a pair. they were too cute. 

and one of the funniest pictures. beaner mid clothing change rocking out on his new guitar from gigi!

played some christmas bingo and dicecapades. would totally recommend this game.  not sure that some of the other players would agree but nick and i thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

was a pretty lazy day. we were all resting up. i did muster up enough energy to take down the tree and all christmas decorations though!

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Cute pictures!