wip 1.1.11

nick and i were both off. we really got spoiled having a few fridays off together. was quite nice. ;)

just hung out in the morning. then headed to one of our many stops...
went to mike and ryan's to visit. had a wonderful dinner. beaner did awesome. loved asti, their newfie. so nice to visit with everyone. was too long between visits. already have two additional outings planned for this month. yay!

then we headed to jay and christy's. pretty low key evening with the kidlets. finally had a chance to celebrate christmas too!

ben loved their girls new trampoline. wasn't the best at it... but he totally had a blast.

braiden with ben. her buddy. 

 wynn wanted nothing to do with presents at christmas. however, she was very much interested in ben's presents and he was so no into sharing!

the boys and braiden playing soccer. ignore the crazy spots. chris says they happen all the time on her camera. i blame her ghosts.

b and b snuggling. if only my b would actually lay down and watch tv...

another awesome game of dicecapades. this one was rocking four hours... had to call it quits at around 230am.

can anyone guess my fabulous drawing?
i thought the other players might not guess correctly because they were to busy laughing hysterically. {dirty jerks.} i drew the middle object first. followed by the left, then the right.

i also have another way non pc picture from dicecapades when we played on christmas. this game is awesome!

sarah's wedding. nick's aunt michelle came to watch benjamin so we could travel to indy for nick's cousin's wedding.

was a beautiful day to take pictures of my favorite i-65 obsession. wind farm!

and onto the wedding.
didn't take many pictures.
had my trusty point and shoot. my poor rebel. i vow to use it more this year. maybe!

the wonderful bride and groom.

the coolest wedding cake! {the wedding was at a casino.}

us after a night of dancing like crazy. i love weddings. so sad the next one isn't until october. ;(

and nick trying out his luck sometime around 1 am!

we had a lazy morning. no alarm clock.
then we headed home. and once we got home, we chilled and watched some football.
a wonderful way to start the new year!

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Kache said...

What a fun wedding, and that drawing is hysterical!