a two-fer

first of all, my take on ali's december daily.

heard about shuttercal somewhere. and hoped someday i would actually use it.
i did!
and i did it for the entire month of december.
nothing crazy. just a quick picture every day that month.
and it's continued. i am still up to date. not sure that it's my goal.  project 365 seems so damn overwhelming. but i think having a super cute way of showcasing it just may motivate me. a girl can dream right?!
i hope the link works. not sure how to embed the entire calendar for that month. sorry!

then, i'm trying to decide on my word. {another ali thing}
for some reason love keeps popping into my head. so i think i'm gonna go with it.
my previous words: gratitude, be, balance, breathe {i swore i had one on here but i can't find it. oh well.}

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