finding balance in 2008.

my new word of the year... balance.
breathe did me a bit of good last year. thinking that balance might be a key one this year. not that i'm ditching breathe... still need to work on that, just added one more word to the mix.

our new year's festivities were insane. a giant snowstorm, open toed shoes, and a night of drinking = not so good. sorta!
got to dinner late. blame bleeping snow storm. seriously, out of no where. it could have waited a day! had a change of transportation plans. the third couple that we were meeting up with, was to pick us up... we have never met them! don't tell mom i just climbed into a truck and assumed the people were 'stacy and phil' ha!
the crowd was a bit older. nick and i walked into the bar and some kids our age were like, 'hey!' um, do we know you. come to find out that they were excited there were some youngins in the crowd!
had a martini bar. my selection was not so good. see above picture. but they did pour it through some crazy ice sculpture!
wanted to brave the snow for firework pictures, but i chickened out. went inside after like one minute. i'm a wimp who apparently did not have enough tequilla shots!
came home to a knee height snow drift right where i got out of the truck. again, open toed shoes!! brrrrrr! made a mad dash for the front door. the next day i was looking for my house keys. yup. they were still in the front door. nice shannon. i think i was in a hurry! ;o)
recouperated all day yesterday. slept through a few phones calls. it was serious. nick couldn't even go out to snowblow until like 5pm!

a recap in pics....
nick and his uber manly midori sours. i guess it's okay... george was drinking cosmos and tobbi and i were doing tequilla shots... so there was some sort of manly/girly drink balance.

first tequilla shots of the night... i think i was around 7-ish... lost track between those and the panty droppers {yes, a killer shot name!} and kool aid shots.

me imitating this lame-o dude on the dance floor. seriously. mr. steroids actually motor-boated on the freaking dance floor. classy, i know...

a normal dance shot. you can see mr. steroid in the far left corner of the picture. the rest of those fantastic ladies were partying with us!

dueling cameras with mr. george.

the people set up the little hats backwards. just thought it was a nice shot with all those shot glasses in there too. ;o)

toasting the new year...

k. have to give the laptop back to hubby. he's decided he is going to be in charge of bills from now on... so mr. smarty has to balance the checkbook. from april.
hoping to share some resolutions in an upcoming post. and just a disclaimer... they're going to be more like guidelines. ;o)


KJ said...

Looks like you guys had a great new year's. Ah, to be young again! ;) Luv the photo of Nick w/a streamer across his face.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!

Happy 2008!!


Kache said...

Glad to hear they're only going to be guidelines ;-)

I like your stylin' dress and I think I know "Stacy & Phil"

Anonymous said...

looks and sounds like a great nite apart from your choice of shoes lol!! Happy New 2008 to you both. hera

Brandy said...

what was elaine from seinfeld doing dancing at your party? ha ha, i kill me. happy ny!

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Looks like you had fun.

Breana said...

looks like you had a blast! happy 08!

Heather said...

great pics! looks like fun! love the dance pic- rofl