seriously. what is wrong with people...
i'm fascinated with names. like did you know jason lee named his kid pilot inspecktor? i think that is how it's spelled. i also once worked with a mary christmas.
so this weekend, i'm browsing through the announcement section of my newspaper and see a familiar name and read the little blurb. it started, 'mr. and mrs. kats are pleased to announce the engagment of their daughter kit.'
dude. this chick's name is kit kats.
how freaking mean. you know everyone picked on her when she was little. i'm really hoping it's a nickname but who knows.
i'm talking with the girls at work about this and they tell me about someone who had the last name of leer. the parents thought it wise to name their kid crystal chanda leer.
come on!
have any fun ones to share!?


Anonymous said...

If we would've had a girl, one of the names was Amanda Lynn. I know, not as unique as yours, but that's about all I got :)


Kache said...

Those are good.
How about Jermaine Jackson's kid Jermajesty. Awesome.

Brandy said...

female - pronounces "fa-molly" comes from traditions where women name their kid after the first thing they see leaving the or. prolly looked over and saw that poster of the female body that every gyno has. lucky kid, you sure won't be smoking crack by 5.

and jermagesty is hilarious, that's probably his biggest accomplishment to date