remembering to breathe....

yeah, i know that's last year's word. but i'm still gonna need it.
lots going on.
nick and i took friday and today off. woot! had a blast and drove up to michigan. hit a few wineries. cannot wait to do it again. he was drunk after the second one and was absolutely hilarious. and had to pee so bad he tried to go in an empty mcdonald's cup. seriously, funny shit. told him i would divorce him if he actually did it! ;oP
saturday was a party for him with his mom's side of the family. went well. guinness was super good with all the guests. only had a problem when noah, our nephew, cried continuously. freaked him out. can't blame him. bothered me a bit too! unfortunately, he wouldn't stop so mom had to take him home.
should have pictures of both friday and saturday on flickr soon. wasn't a complete camera monger saturday. friday was another story!
sunday was lazy, recouperate day. loved watching football in front of the fireplace while dozing on and off.
today, the bubble gut resumes. remember a few posts ago when i mentioned guinness hurting himself? well, it's confirmed. he's torn his cruciate ligaments in both of his hind legs. i'm heartbroken. feel so bad for the lil g man. christy mentioned rest, aspirin, and conservative treatment. so not wanting surgery to be an option. so not wanting to think of what might happen if surgery is ridiculously expensive and not an option if he doesn't heal on his own. ;(
so any happy pup thoughts are appreciated.


Brandy said...

happy pup thoughts, that sucks!! once i got hit by a drunk girl in my car and while we were waiting for the police who never came, she urinated in a soda bottle. in her car. in front of her four year old.

Heather said...

((hugs)) poor Guinness!

Breana said...

aounds like a fun weekend. aww poor puppy, hope he recovers fast!