loving this heatwave. totally breaking records. almost said, 'i love spring' today and then i realized it's freaking winter.
snow is looming. maybe late this week. sigh. i'll enjoy the 60s while i can!

so i've been trying to take more pics. nick is joining in too which is way cool. think between the two of us we have managed at least one per day! the above kinda represents our weekend: laundry, bills, library, barnes and noble and borders, planning.
had a nice dinner at applebee's yesterday to discuss 2008. {yay giftcards, since we're trying to nip some of our spending in the bud} seems we have lots we want to do. have decided to sell the lot. have plans to remodel this house a bit and maybe even finish the basement {that could happen in '09 too}. want to change around the finances a bit. and have a list of little home improvements we want to accomplish as well. buy mr. nicholas a new car. and maybe one more big vacation before the four letter 'b' word comes up. hope we can keep up the excitement and focus we have over the plans right now.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with all that you want to accomplish.

Hmm...the 'b' word??? ;)

Kache said...

Home improvements can be fun, definitely hope you can keep up the momentum!

Brandy said...

i was wondering about the b word too...i want a basement!! do you have two cameras? buying jason one totally got more pics pouring in here (not that we were ever running low...)