starting the year off right...

frozen pipes. blech!
dragged my lazy self out of bed this morning... 6:30-ish. no water to the shower or sink. in either bathrooms upstairs. wha?! wake nick up with this oh so fabulous news. thankfully, some of the downstairs plumbing works. can you say bird bath in the kitchen sink? and yay for the one working toilet!
so i'm home today. sweating my ass off. have the heat cranked up to 70 something, the fireplace on with the blower going full force, two space heaters in each of the bathrooms upstairs, and can't forget the heating pad wrapped around one of the pipes in the basement. classy, right?
the toilet in the master bath did this just about one year ago. now we know that wind and dropping temps are not our friends. and i don't think that we can do much about it, since all of the pipes are behind the walls. unless something horrific happens, i don't see ourselves tearing out the walls to put some heating mechanisms back there. will just have to be more vigilant when it comes to letting the sinks drip on cold nights.
fingers and toes crossed it is unfrozen by tonight. tomorrow morning at the latest... i don't do bird baths well. ;o)


Susan said...

on the bright side, at least they didn't burst

Anonymous said...

That sucks! What Susan said, at least they didn't burst.

Here's to having hot water tomorrow morning :)


Laura Vigliarolo said...

Sorry about the pipes, did nick take pictures of the bird bath so you can scrap it??????