so far...

i think the word of the year is going well. is it too soon to jinx it? who knows, but glad i have figured a way to balance things out.
have been way tired. last week was the first full week of work in like two weeks. wednesday i went to bed at 6pm. not intentional. fell asleep watching a movie! oops.
nick's birthday festivities have started. had his dad's family over last night. watched some football, ate some yummy food, and had a nice time just kinda hanging out. pup did pretty good with little mr. noah, our nephew. wasn't too crazy all over him, just kinda curious as to what this little thing was that wouldn't stop crying!
woke up this morning with major pup issues. growling constantly. it was kinda bad. think he hurt himself yesterday with all the excitement. he was jumping and playing something fierce. gave him some aspirin and has been better. hoping everything is okay and we don't have to take him to the vet. was kinda funny because we called our girlfriend the vet about it and she was really helpful. then we get a phone call because her daughter ate some paper. ha. love that we have a lot of our bases covered with friends! what is up with our 'children' today?!
looking forward to two short weeks. nick and i took friday and monday off for his birthday. were originally going to go out of town for his birthday, but have no one to watch pup. his dad and his girlfriend just got a new puppy. they need time to adjust and not worry about guinnea pig. think we could have asked his uncle, but it just might be easier this way.
thinking we are going to do birthday festivities with his mom's side of the family saturday, so it works. less to cram in during the week.
have been way scrappy this week. will be able to share when the next issue of rsc comes out. speaking of... there's a ct search going on over there. kinda late notice. entries have to be in by the 15th. but if you are interested, check it out.
edited to add. the four letter b word = baby. ;o)


Brandy said...

don't get that last line, it better not be the way you share that you are preggers...happy bday nick!

Kache said...

Way to be scrappy. Hope you have some good puppy time this week. Happy birthday to Nick!