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smart ass or dumb ass?
so the other day my patient is walking around and asks to go to the bathroom. the one closest to him is full, so i show him to the other one. he asks me, 'now how am i supposed to know how to get back to my chair?' and what do i say, 'i'll leave you a trail of pretzels.' hmm. maybe not the best answer. just being silly. he replies, 'well, aren't you a smart ass!' yeah, sure am. i don't think anyone would argue that!
as i retelling the stories to all the girls at work one replied, 'well, it's better than being a dumbass...'
true dat.


Kache said...

Much better to be a smartass. Sounds better.

Susan said...

a patient once told me 'some angel of mercy you are' after a similar pretzel comment