good parents.

nick and i feel so bad for mr. guinnea pig, having to restrict his activities is no easy feat and the medications that are supposed to calm him down aren't helping. boo! been a bit tricky with his growling fits. he does really well for a while and then i think the pent up energy just gets the best of him. he runs around like an idiot and then can't figure out why his legs hurt... maybe surgery is in our future.
to entertain him we've taught him lots of tricks these past few weeks and are running out of ones he can do while laying down. thinking it would be way cool to teach him to nod yes and shake his head no... and use sign language signals too.

guinness loves the snow. and it sucks that he can't frolic about in it considering it's snowed quite a bit in the last few weeks. our consolation prize for him:
snow in a bowl. ;o)

and then catching snowballs... he got pretty good at it!
was a little messy. but so worth it. kept him entertained for a bit. however, we had to watch where we walked to avoid the wet carpet!


Anonymous said...

You guys are so good! Looks like he had a great time playing in the snow and you didn't have to freeze. Bonus!


ps did you ever see Cloverfield? We went and liked it.

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Sorry, he's a high energy dog, meds don't calm Lacey down either but she's just nuts. Good luck.

Heather said...

aww poor guy! good luck with him0 hope he heals up fast!

Kache said...

Poor Guiness!

That's the cutest thing though, him eating snow out of a bowl!