so you read my woes, maybe, on the start of 29. well, the pipes.
the following day guinness went a bit nutty. not sure if it was the meds, or the puppy rest, or pent up energy... but it was a growl fest. a bit scary.
we decided to take him off the sedatives {which can kinda be like alcohol and make him less inhibited}, took him off of the tether in the room and have given him free roam of the downstairs. can you say boxes on all of our couches so he doesn't jump up on them?? also been out on a few walks and visited petsmart and pet supply plus. {needed a nail trim and a bath... who knew doing nothing could make you so stinky?!}
and he won himself a trip to the vet. another work up, this time only labs. and we also get to take a day trip to the puppy therapist. yeah, my dog is going to a behaviorist.
weren't sure what to do at first. but i want to know why. was it the meds? pent up energy? or is he just aggressive? i mean we have had some other troubles with him... so we wanna work it out. especially if we are talking about kidlets. and even for just us and our visitors.
found out today that they had an opening for wednesday. nick and i were able to take the time off and we can hopefully have some answers soon.
i've been a complete worry wart. so hope he's fixable and something bad doesn't happen.
have tried to keep occupied over the weekend to distract myself. and to make up for the bunk birthday weekend. friday we skipped the auto show. hung out with my lil bro. played wii, drank. good times. saturday we went out with nick's mom. had a great time. over four hours at dinner. might have been the best conversations we've had, ever. looking forward to doing it again. sunday was dinner with his dad's side and more wii. weee! gotta love a wiiweekend!
and the presents weren't half bad either... more rebel reading. maybe one day i'll actually crack open the darn things! ;oP


Carmen said...

Glad you got a make-up birthday weekend! Sorry to hear about Guinness though. I hope it's nothing serious!


Brandy said...

wiiikend, i love it!!! sounds like fun, but boo on puppy traumas

Kache said...

yay for rebel books!

Hope Guinness has something that's easily fixable. Maybe puppy prozac...my kitty had prozac so who knows?