long day.

so worth it.
found out guinnea should be a keeper. just lots of issues to work on and knowing what we need to do if we do have kidlets. scary to know that young pups who exhibit aggression are more likely to turn on their owners... eek.
wasn't as expensive as we thought and totally didn't get bad, bad news.
told us a lot of what we know, some things we were doing incorrectly, and reinforced some of our current practices with the pigmeister.
he did a great job interacting with dogs and peeps.
kinda hard to learn that the reason we have problems is because he's so smart. who knew you didn't want a smart dog? were told to get a golden or lab next time... ha! i'm so going smaller then, i think.
so lots to work on, but knowing we can keep him is awesome. stressfull. lots of work in our future. but i didn't get him to give up on him, so yay!


Heather said...

I'm a little behind, but I love those uggs... and I'm so glad Guinness is going to be okay! yay!

Anonymous said...

Good news on Guinness!


Laura Vigliarolo said...

glad you can keep him.

Kache said...

Good to know he's with his forever family! Yay for Guinness.

Liz said...

yay! so glad you took the time to look into all the issues, and that it's fixable!

Breana said...

yay! so glad he's going to be fine!