darn pioneer woman..

and her bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapenos.
so i was going to make these for a superbowl party this weekend. well, nick and i decided to be lazy and we stayed home instead. turned out to be a good thing, i didn't feel well and it decided to snow. because we were home, i decided to not make these jalapenos. figured i could make them at a later day.
rewind to yesterday. thought it would be nice to make them and then give them to my coworker who's party we did not attend on sunday. they should come with a freaking warning. i got gd jalapeno burns!!
oh my goodness, it was absolutely miserable. wasn't sure what it was at first. it's winter and that means dry, cracked, chapped hands for shan. disgusting but true. sad product of washing my hands 3984 times a day. it seems no matter how much lotion i apply, they're still dry. but i digress.
so to prep the lil suckers you have to deseed them. apparently, i should have been wearing gloves. i did use a spoon, but i think i was splashing oil on the hand that was holding them. washed the hands a few times during prep thinking that might help. but no. the darn soap, held the oils in place.
what do i do for the pain? stick my thumb in milk... nick said it works for your mouth, why not your thumb? nope. no workie. had it in there for like an hour. finally had to do some research and came up with a few options: soaked my hand in vinegar {totally lovely smelling}, poured some baking soda on it, ran the warmest water i could stand over it, washed it repeatedly with dish soap. still nothing. our last ditch effort = bleach. dude, bleach so does not belong in the kitchen. but it worked. had to do some dilution of bleach and water and dip the hand in briefly. washed and repeated. seriously, some of the worst pain ever. nick was reading that in some cases, the pain lasted three days. i would have died.
i guess this is just my psa to you. wear gloves if you are dealing with jalapenos. and if you don't have gloves, make sure you have bleach handy!
oh and i haven't even eaten the blasted things yet. hoping they are very, very tasty!


Heather said...

dude. did you never hear the story of brent burning his eyes out trying to put the contact lenses in after doing japs for me?? ohhh it was awful stuff....

Kache said...

Evil jalapenos

Thanks for the warning, hope it doesn't hurt as much today!

Anonymous said...

Glad I don't go anywhere near those buggers!!

Hope you're better today.


Laura Vigliarolo said...

Glad to know what to do the next time, I get them when I make salsa they hurt when you have cuts under your finger nails and they can last for days. Thanks for the info.