nick's it.

poor boy caught my bug.
hoping he's cleared up for the new year's festivities.

christmas was a whirlwind. only took one picture and that was of nick and myself after it was all over! phew. and boy do i look tired in it. shoot. i lied. nick took some of his family, so his uncle could turn everyone into elves. he did the four brothers and it cracks me up!
did six christmases in three days. kinda glad to come back to work and not have to travel and visit. six christmases is a bit much... even more so when sick. thankfully, nick let me sleep on all of our travels.

looking forward to this weekend. rearranging the schedule so we have to do as little as possible.
finally got the details worked out for nye. have a taxi bus bringing us home! cheaper than a limo, totally game for that!

k. back to work i go....


Kache said...

Taxi bus sounds like a good idea. That's a lot of Christmases!
Really hope you guys get over the germs and feel better soon.

Brandy said...

I got the bug too -- boo!! I think a taxi bus sounds like fun, wish I was there! Have funnnnnn

Breana said...

i feel ya on all the christmases. fun times. hope he's kicked it by now!

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Hope Nick is feeling better.


Heather said...

I've got it now... boo on sickies... Happy New Year though!