baby, it's cold outside.

so obviously, papa pressner had to put his pup in a scarf!
he really didn't wear it out of the house. i promise.
had a blast in this snow. prancing like a little fool. cracked me up! even got stuck in a snow bank. hilarious. so glad he was able to enjoy it minus the conehead.
have been a busy elf. have all of my christmas shopping done and wrapped. well, almost. just need about 5 gift cards. figure that's easy peasy stuff. hoping to grab those on wednesday.
had two work parties for nicholas this past week. went downtown {aka chicago} during the week. ate at carnivale. excellent food. pricey as heck. also had some tasty drinks. then we went to one of his doc's saturday. braved the crazy snow for her. had a good time. excellent food. great beverage. i guess that's the way to my heart. ;o)
started my baking. made some oatmeal scotchies. nummers. also did these tasty lil tidbits. my recipe was a wee bit varied from the one posted... but i'm sure it works just as well. also wanna make those fantabulous oatmeal white chocolate cherry ones. my fil's new fav. must give him a few with his gift.
trying to plan a weird relish tray for the pressner family get together in indy this weekend. nick requested the ham wrapped pickles. so i think i'm gonna make my green olive dip and then stuff some black olives with cream cheese and maybe some green ones with blue cheese. oh and maybe do a quick olive tamponade. hmmm. sounds salty! will take some of my cookie exchange goods as well.
k. off to pay bills and wrap the last present we picked up today....
leave you with a guinness in the snow pic. might be a new fav.


Brandy said...

guiness is officially adorable. i mean, a scarf? adorable. wish i was partying with yall too, very cool

so i am glad you are going to get one of the charity license plates, but do you know how much of a scam they are? when i was doing young dems at the high school last year, one of the big environmental charities came to talk to us and explained that basically the govt alloted them, let's say 3 mil a year. the license plates went to them, but basically were part of the 3 mil. if they earned more than the 3 mil, it just stayed in their account and couldn't be touched because they couldn't have more than they were alloted for. so the govt got to use it to borrow against and that group wasn't any better off for it. load of crap, right?

oh, and still thinking that's better than what sounds like the indiana alternative. what would people feel like if we had a *gasp* muslim prez and the tags said "in allah we trust." maybe then they'd understand what respecting others' freedom of choice means.


psucolleen said...

oh those pics of guinness are way cute... especially that last one! Glad he's no longer a conehead and enjoyed the snow!! I can hear you giggling as he got stuck in the snowbank!

Heather said...

adorable pictures! And the goodies look so yummy... those ham roll ups get requested a lot around here too, and I bet that olive dip would be loved by all...