little miss hybrid.

that is officially the name of my car. nick came up with it on our way home with her friday night. so happy to have her back! the leather seats look nice and the heated seats mean my butt is happy!
was a bit miffed... got the car and there was a warning light on. really? whoever drove the car didn't notice? come on. so we had to turn around and head back to the dealer so they could run a check. apparently, they left something unplugged when the did the seats. thankful it was an easy fix.
little miss hybrid is totally inspired by roger hargreaves and his little miss and little mr. books. LOVE them. was looking to buy all of the series a bit back. put that on hold for a while, maybe i should add them to my birthday list.
as soon as the weather is agreeable, i plan on taking some pics of little miss. so her naming layout should be around soon.
finally uploaded my pics to scrapbookpictures. holy cow, i had a lot. i didn't even do the chicago ones yet... waiting on one more disc then i'll decide.
having a lazy weekend.
watched two for the money and transformers. both were good movies. didn't expect much with either. two for came as a recommendation from one of my docs. matthew mchottey and al pacino. can't go wrong. transformers was way better than i could have hoped for. shocked to say i actually enjoyed it!!
currently, sitting on the couch watching football. love days where you can shower and put new jammies on. so relaxing, so great.
still have to wrap. scrapped a page yesterday. hope to make some tags with mfm's november kit. i think it matches my paper and i didn't even plan it! bonus.


Brandy said...

Loved the Little Miss stuff!! I liked the Letter People too, remember them? Chicago almost needs to be its own little digi album printed at Snapfish or something, kwim? I think that may be how I go...

Kache said...

Cool when movies turn out better than you expect, instead of the other way around. Glad you got your nice comfy car back, oh and your puppy :)